´╗┐Twisted Intentions is the continuing saga of John Livingson Harvard, ex-cop turned private eye. Raising his seven year old daughter and juggling the harsh realities of his job sometimes proves... complex, compounded by a moral conundrum left with him from his previous case. As if that wasn't enough, a woman has entered his life as a... caretaker? A lover? A future wife? He just doesn't know.

His life get even more complicated when two bodies are found only days apart. One is a woman and she is found in a corn field. The second corpse is a male found miles away from the woman, in a densely wooded area. It is quickly discovered that the woman is the young and beautiful wife of a prominent judge. Crime scene detectives find the phone number of a deceased dirty cop amongst the grizzley remains of her clothing. When they later turn their attention to the dead man in the woods, they learn he was an ex-con and killed at approximately the same time as the Judge's wife. Is there a connection between a judge's wife and a hard core criminal?

The local police chief asks for John's help in finding the killers because he feels that something is terribly wrong. He doesn't know who he can trust even in his own department. He has a right to worry. because the very next day, the Chief is arrested for the murder of the Judge's wife. Now John has to get some answers to clear the Chief's name and fast. But he has no idea as to the real urgency of his endeavors. A hit man has been hired to eliminate John Harvard and slaughter those he loves if he interferes with the investigations. Through it all, John struggles to discover where the moral line is drawn that separates him from those he has hunted... and killed in the past. Which side of the thin blue line is he really on?