Twisted Benevolence, is the third book to continue the saga of John Livingston Harvard. In this installment of the Twisted series, John finds himself working for the government once again, but this time as an undercover agent for the F.B.I. He and Frank Carlotta, a Captain from John's local Sheriff's Department, have teamed up as temporary agents. Because of their unique recent history of success in dealing with the Coeptus Guild, a shadowy. consortium of individuals who have terrorized John and his family in the past, the pair have been brought onboard and tasked with uncovering the latest plot by the nefarious group.

Due to the losses suffered by the hands of John and Frank, it appears that this time, the Guild have taken a different route to realize their goals. Though the new agents are unaware of the exact nature of the change as they begin their investigation, they will eventually learn that the Guild have stooped to kidnapping children. Not just any child, but only those of genius IQ's, who they send to an isolated, remote school to further their education. Not from any feelings of Benevolence, but for the profit of the Coeptus Guild.

John and his fellow agent must first discover what it is that the Guild is up to. Then they must determine a way to save the children because as they will soon find, the Guild willstop at nothing to prevent the discovery of their plot... even if it means the ultimate "cleaning" of the entire project. Untold number of lives are at stake. The only question becomes, who will live... and who will die?