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To date, Lew Stonehouse has written five crime thriller novels.  Twisted Intentions, Twisted Pieces, Twisted Benevolence, Twisted Minds and a fifth, Twisted Loyalties,  An excerpt from the first chapter is available and can be read at each of the individual book pages.  All five have been picked up by Silver Leaf Books.  Twisted Intentions, Twisted Pieces and Twisted Benevolence are available now through Silver Leaf Books, Amazon and other online book stores.

He has begun a new novel, “The House,” a fictional account of a century old Victorian home and the lives of the various families who resided there.  An excerpt from the first chapter of this book can be viewed at The House page.

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Lew Stonehouse was born and raised in central New York and and spent much of his youth sailing, canoeing and wandering the backwoods of the Adirondack Mountains in moccasins.  He is currently residing in a Chicago, Illinois suburb while raising a young daughter.  After serving the public as a Deputy Sheriff for many years, he went into private practice and eventually operated his own private investigation agency for eighteen years.  He is currently conducting investigations for an international firm.

The experience garnered from his eclectic career in the law enforcement and private sector, from gruesome homicides to gut busting humor, has provided him with a font of knowledge from which he can draw upon when writing his suspenseful crime thrillers.  He has completed five novels, all of which center around John Livingston Harvard, a divorced ex-policeman raising a young daughter while working as a practicing private investigator.


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